Why you feel morning back Pain?

What are the causes of morning back pain?

Usually,Waking up with lower back pain may indicate a problem with a person’s sleeping posture, mattress, or pillows. Starting a day with irritating back pain can spoil a person’s mood. Finding the causes can help in choosing the appropriate ways of treatment .

 The painless morning lead to effective, productive and healthier day…

1.Degenerative disc disease

Morning back pain

Commonly, a person with degenerative disc disease could get up with lower back pain .

As age grows,The natural wear & tear of the discs in the spinal cord will  narrow the lumbar vertebral canal. Doctors refer this narrowing as degenerative disc disease.

This will compress the spinal nerves, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility and movement of the lower back and neck. The pain will range from gentle to terribly severe. And also , it may radiate to different components of the body. Symptoms are often worse in the morning due to  long duration of immovability of spine in sleep.

Other symptoms of degenerative disc disease will include:

  • legs muscle’s weakness or foot drop
  • Numbness and tingling within the arms and legs
  • Pain which will worsen with sitting, lifting, or bending
  • Pain that improves with walking, moving, or ever-changing position

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Treatment choices for degenerative disc disease include

  •    Taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers, like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, naproxen, and analgesic.
  •     Using ice packs and hot water packs.
  •    Wearing a brace with orthopedic  guidance.
  •     Physiotherapy modalities.
  •    Alternative therapies, like acupuncture or chiropractic medical care.

If a person’s symptoms are severe, a doctor might suggest surgical approaches, like disc replacement or correction.


back pain , disc problem, disc disease. back exercise

Morning back pain and stiffness are common symptoms of fibromyalgia .It  can be a chronic disorder that may cause aches, throbbing pain, and also tenderness in  various parts of body.

Other symptoms of fibromyalgia will include:

  •   Fatigue.
  •    Sleep difficulties.
  •    Memory and concentration issues, which individuals typically confer with as “fibro fog”
  •    Irritable bowel syndrome.
  •    Diffuse headache.
  •     Numbness and tingling in the arms and legs.


The treatment for fibromyalgia depends on a person’s symptoms, however it sometimes involves:

  •    Pain relievers
  •   Anti-inflammatory drug medications
  •    life style modifications , Daily physical exercises , eating healthy foods  and adjusting the work station as per the correct postures.
  •  Additional  therapies can include massage medical care, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments

To reduce the stiffness and pain , The fibromyalgic person can do follow below steps,

  •   Doing stretching exercises before getting out of bed.

Example :  pulling the knees in toward the chest or reaching every arm in front and across the body

  •    Taking a hot water shower in  every  morning ,to improve blood circulation and to release the tight muscles.
  •    Using pillows to maintain a good position and minimize the strain on the back.

3.Getting out of bed improperly

fibromyalgia , back tenderness, radiating pain ,back pain , disc problem, disc disease. back exercise

Sudden or improper way of getting out of bed result in unexpected overload to muscles . this results in sever aches all over the day.

To reduce the danger of morning back pain and stiffness:

First, crawl to the side of the bed, using the arms as leverage ,then transfer to a sitting position with the legs supporting off the facet of the bed.

Wait for fewer seconds to regulate  the current position,then  slowly place the feet on the ground , rise up and start your daily activities.

4.Overdoing it the day before

Exercise in gym, weight lifting ,Stressful pain , painful face , fibromyalgia , back tenderness, radiating pain ,back pain , disc problem, disc disease. back exercise

Workout in GYM

Though  the physical exercises in gymnasium or outdoor is very helpful in maintaining good health, The over load, wrong posture   & more repetition of any exercise can lead to pain.

For exercises related back pain, we can apply hot or cold packs over the affected area.Taking over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and Naprosyn will also help to reduce discomfort.

5.Poor sleeping posture

Some bad sleeping postures will load additional strain on the lower back, hips, and neck.

Wrong sleeping position , Exercise in gym, weight lifting ,Stressful pain , painful face , fibromyalgia , back tenderness, radiating pain ,back pain , disc problem, disc disease. back exercise

Wrong sleeping posture

However, it’s not perpetually necessary for an individual to fully alter their usual sleeping position. Instead, we can use pillows around the body to higher support.

For example:

  •  Back sleepers can keep a pillow beneath their knees to align the spine higher , thus reduce strain on lower back.
  • Side sleepers can keep a pillow between their legs for a better alignment in their hips and spine.
  • Abdomen sleepers can place a pillow beneath their lower abdomen to reduce the curvature in the lower back.

If a person’s symptoms don’t improve with the utilization of pillows, they have to analyze about other potential causes of morning back pain.

6. Unsupported  mattress

new matress, old matress , Exercise in gym, weight lifting ,Stressful pain , painful face , fibromyalgia , back tenderness, radiating pain ,back pain , disc problem, disc disease. back exercise

Unsupported mattress

  •  Unsupported Mattresses will never  support a person’s weight or body shape appropriately .It will result in pain.
  • Manufacturers usually suggest that individuals replace their mattress   each ten years or so.Change the bed , When it shows shallow drooping over the sleeping area .
  • Some research studies  suggests that a mattress with  medium firmness can also help individuals with chronic lower back pain.
  • A good and perfect mattress will give best sleep.

When to see a doctor ?

A person must consult  a doctor, if they feel lower back pain along with shortness of breath.However try the  self care activities before meeting an orthopedic doctor .

Get immediate medical care when back pain occurs along with  subsequent symptoms like,

  • Intestine or bladder issues
  • loss of sensation and weakness in the arms or legs
  • shortness of breath

A doctor  may correlate a person’s  symptoms and physical examination findings to conclude the disease . The additional examinations like  nerve physical phenomenon studies , imaging tests (X-rays , CT scans) will be taken to  determine the underlying cause.



Maintaining the good postures in all day to day activities can prevent our back from any hurt. we need to have needed calcium  supplements in our daily food . The calcium is very important in bone and cartilage health.

Keep your back straight, avoid the  pain . Have a healthier life in each day.


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