The Healthy Dark Chocolate

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Dark chocolate

Have you ever had a thought to thank your brain, make it feel happy, and even more appreciation . ? If you do so. It is possible. it’s simple and just have a chocolate. This small piece of chocolate can trigger your feelings of happiness in your brain sensors. Consuming chocolates releases the substance in the brain called endorphins, from then you feel-good feelings.

There are lots of controversial theories are in the knowledgeable world, However, the real dark chocolate is the best companion for a healthier life.

Why the Dark?

The Dark means to locate the term less sugar. The dark chocolate have above 70 % of cocoa. The pack contains plenty of antioxidants & minerals.

Unlike the other normal chocolates and milk chocolates, The dark is so bitter and the bitter gets more when the cocoa content is more.

Sometimes the manufacturer may use other trans-fat, milk and other ingredients to lower the bitter taste. however, the real healthy effects of dark chocolates may also vary while adding them .

Fully Loaded  Nutrients :

The Dark Chocolate pack of 100 gram has the essential minerals including ,

Fiber11 -Gram
Iron67 %
Magnesium58 %
Copper89 %
Manganese98 %
PottasiumNotable amount
PhosphorusNotable amount
ZincNotable amount
SeleniumNotable amount

The amount of sugar will be more while the cocoa percentage is less .

Good effects on Health

A 100-gram dark bar have much more calories ( approximately 600 ) than any other daily snack . Hence a person has to eat this in a limited manner for good health practice.

To your Heart :

In our modern lifestyle, hypertension becomes the commonest and also dangerous disease. Even the younger adults also inside the hypertension band. The dark chocolate has great specific anti oxidants which will relax the blood vessels and relaxing the tension in the arteries. This is occurring by producing an amount of Nitric oxide which will send information to the brain to relax blood vessels.

Cardiac infarction , cardiac arrest, Human anatomy of heart. healthy heart , cholesterol,LDL , HDL, lipid, hypercholesterolemia.cardiac problems
Human Heart

Action over  Cholesterol :

Usually, we call the Oxidized LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein ) as bad cholesterol. The Dark chocolate is limiting the oxidation of this LDL. Hence it is reducing the risk of accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and reducing the calcific plaque deposition in arteries. HDL (High-density Lipo Protein ) also remarkably increased by dark chocolates. The Flavonoids presence in them also makes the blood vessels flexible. 

Benefits On Skin:

Antioxidants are also very important for skin health. The Dark chocolate content is preventing skin damage from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays.

The Glowing skin needs the perfect Dark chocolate’s flavonoids.

Happier Brain :

The Self appreciating effect is similar with eating chcolates . The Brain feels, calm , happy , peace and smiling brain while eating them. Long term memory needs the newest synopsis. the flavonoids in dark has the strong efficiency in making new synopsis. The neurogenic and memory disorders can be avoided by eating them regularly.

Cardiac infarction , cardiac arrest, Human anatomy of heart. healthy heart , cholesterol,LDL , HDL, lipid, hypercholesterolemia.cardiac problems  ,
Happier Moments with chocolate

The Mood changer :

If you want to feel the love . have a bite of dark chocolate bar., Yes the brain is making the chemical called Phenylethylamine while having dark chocolate, The same one is the substance the brain will produce while falling in love.

The Depressed mood can be slowly changed by the neuro substances from dark chocolate. The cortisol hormone ( stress and anxiety making substance ) can be lower by biting a half bar a day. the remarkable results were shown in two weeks itself.

Wanna Choose the Correct one?

 Unlike other chocolates, choosing the best and correct dark chocolate is somewhat tough.

Here are some points to check …

  • Check the cocoa content More than 70 percentage
  • Avoid Milk content in that
  • Transfat must be omitted
  • Better avoid artificial flavorings in the variety
  • Let it be Bitter, It’s good & healthy
  • Less sugar content
  • Avoid Dutched chocolates ( a manufacturing method, can reduce the health effects )
  • If possible, select Organic in origin ( Pesticides less or None )
Cardiac infarction , cardiac arrest, Human anatomy of heart. healthy heart , cholesterol,LDL , HDL, lipid, hypercholesterolemia.cardiac problems
An Icon for Love


Other than the medicines to control your blood pressure is either change your mood or relax the blood vessels. These both works can be done by the dark chocolates. studies also showed a remarkable reduction in the possibility of death from heart disease into 50 %. So consume them at least once a week for your better heart and brain. There are many best dark chocolate manufacturers in market. find them online too.

Have a healthy Dark bite

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