Is bottled water healthy to use often?

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Is bottled water trustworthy?

The  water is Mother’s milk of planet earth .The water is the only drink which cannot be replaced with any other drink in the world . Water is not used only for drinking, over consumed for many products and services , which is called Virtual water .
The drinking water’s quality is never been compromised, As the industrialization grows, the water pollution also grows. To Overcome that ,the new revolution emerged  to solve .That is to save the content and quality of water

The History of Bottled water

 The tap water is less used for drinking because of many water borne diseases.
 The water was bottled first time in United Kingdom in the Holy Well industrial plant for the sale purpose. In 1700s the mineral rich natural spring water was bottled ,for its healing and  also for therapeutic effects in Europe and US
In 1973, the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) are got patency to pack water. Thus the cheaper alternative of glass is emerged.

 The Tap water:

The natural tap water contains healthy ingredients
Tap Water
The tap water is natural water or ground water used for household activities thru pipes and valves. It may use for drinking after cleaned with chlorination .it contain natural minerals and necessary healthy materials. the contents of tap water depends upon the landscape, fluoride content, nearby industries and factories .
Nowadays the tap water is in the state where  it must be evaluated before using it , because of  its contamination levels. It can be used safely by boiling and other natural way of filtering 

Packing with PET bottles:

Earlier, The bottled water was considered safe, until the glasses were used for packing them. Concerns are raised while packing started with PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.
Due to easy accessibility and carrying capacity ,The plastic packed water was successful .Flavoring agents are added by companies to enhance taste of the water. Sometimes the needed electrolytes also added additionally to improve the quality.


       ·         Easy to carry and dispose for its light weight.
       ·         Extreme accessibility in all stores.
       ·         Reduce or eliminate contamination of bacteria/ viruses.
       ·         Maintain the healthy society from water pollution.
       ·        unlike glass, the plastic bottles are safe and rugged , will not shattered into many  sharp pieces.
       ·         Saves lots of energy and cutting costs while shipping them.
       ·         Recycling  is easy to convert into secondary products.


poor plastic management in natural areas
Plastic waste in beach
  •       The plastic cans need minimum 500 years to decompose .Even decomposing will release toxins to soil.
  •        Harmful Release of chemicals from containers to water.
  •       Storing water in plastic containers more than suggested period of time is increasing the risk of  toxic release.
  •       Sun light exposure also induces the faster toxic release.
  •       Using huge natural water resources of a country to bottle water .
  •      Negligence of disposing properly by people.
  •       Throwing in beaches, forests and other water reservoirs are affecting other creatures living on this planet as well.
Not only humans have the right to live in this planet, other living creatures too have.
water bottles in forest reserved areas
Plastic waste with wild animals
      ·         Lost natural taste of water by adding extra contents and flavoring.
      ·         Diseases related to long term use of plastics are increasing.
      ·         The natural water’s essential  ingredients are removed or filtered in bottling.


However the bottled water is tough to remove from our modern lifestyle. we can reduce the harmful effects  somehow.
         * Use the alternative ways to pack or store water ie  vessels made up of stainless Steel or copper.
Store water and liquids in copper vessels
Copper vessels
       ·    Proper recycling management solutions must be followed and implemented by each every  country’s  government.
       ·   Creating awareness of disposal of Plastic waste and implementing the ideas.
       ·   Avoid long term storage in plastic containers 
       ·   Do not re-use the same water bottle to store other liquids . Since most of  the water  bottles are made to use once only .
better plastic water bottle limits
PET level
       ·   Be aware of safer level of  PET content in all plastic containers. prefer BPA free bottles.
       ·   Be responsible to keep environment clean from Plastic bottles.
Encourage our kids to have a clean and  plastic free environment .

Summary :



 Understand the truth .The water is for all living creatures in the Earth . Recycling of plastic bottles is the best solution to save energy and cost in worldwide .Already many parts of world are restricted to use of plastic bottles and the derivatives of plastic,to save the environment .
Give the safest environment to your next generation of people .Live along with the nature and have a healthy life in each day.

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