Importance of AC Cleaning

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For good health, there’s nothing more important than eating healthy food, drinking water and breathing pure air. In order to breathe non-contaminated air, cleaning the air conditioner is very important. The filters, coils, and fins of AC require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively. We use AC mostly during summer as the weather gets hot. Also, we need AC while we sleep, work and many more. Nowadays, an AC is essential to keep our families comfortable all the time. For Better Sleep , nowadays we are using AC too.

How often should AC be cleaned?

  • To minimize electricity usage, the AC parts should be cleaned at least once a year. Some of the reasons why cleaning of AC is important are
  • It is important to stay healthy and to breathe clean air. When air filters get clogged and become dirty, the normal flow of air is prevented thus making your unit work harder.
  • It consumes more power because the unit is forced to work harder if it’s dirty. The more dust grows, the harder it is to clean them. Without regular maintenance, electricity bills may be higher.  Also, poor maintenance leads to replacement of the parts of AC.
  • Sometimes, AC may emit a foul smell due to bacteria accumulation.
  • Different manufacturers have different warranty conditions. However, some of them require users to use regular aircon services to maintain the unit in good working condition.

Guide on how to clean AC

Cleaning the AC unit is a bit difficult. Follow the below steps

Deep Cleaning of AC

Switch off the power supply and open the AC panel. Then, remove the filter one by one.

To remove the dirt, gently clean by using a brush.

Be cautious of the sharp fins that could cut your skin.

Clean the filters by placing them under a tap and cleaning them thoroughly.

Let it dry, place it and close the panel.

Then, try to turn the AC on and that’s it


One must know the difference between condenser coils and evaporator coils

One must clean not only the inside of AC, but also the outside too.

To clean outside of the AC,

  • Turn off the fuse that controls the air conditioner.
  • Vacuum the area on the top of AC.
  • Use a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to remove dust that may affect the air-flow.

Some of the signs that require Ac to be cleaned are:

Bad smell from Air conditioner,Foul Smell, clean ac

  • The external vents are covered in mold.
  • The filter is covered in dust and dirt.
  • Emitting hot air when it should be cold.
  • Releasing foul smell
  • Unusual noise coming from AC

When to get Professional Help?

  • AC cleaning
  • A clean AC is an efficient one, but taking the time to clean an AC unit isn’t always practical. Sometimes, we can call the professional cleaning service to get our AC cleaned. They will follow a proper checklist to ensure all the units run well. Once they are cleaned, they will provide a detailed work report as well as if there is any need for repairs or adjustments.

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