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The computer game has made huge progress in the entertainment industry. The main reason for gaming is to gain neural strengths which in turn provide a workout for the brain. Video games can improve one’s logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Nowadays, due to peculiar games, playing games has a great impact on society and students both in good and bad ways. Although video games have been played for nearly 30 years, nowadays games require complete attention from the player.

Playing games may change the structure of the brain as the brain is like a muscle which can be built up with exercise.

Games & Ratings

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Gaming Gadgets

Similar to movies, games have a censor board which needs to be passed before launching the game application. It is called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The ratings are done by symbols such as

Everyone (E) – Suitable for all ages as it contains cartoons, fantasy, or mild violence.

Everyone 10+ – Suitable for ages 10 and above as it contains cartoons, fantasy or mild violence with languages.

Teen (T) – Suitable for ages 13 and above. It contains violent content with strong themes.

Mature (M) – Suitable for ages 17 and above as it contains more mature themes, intense violence.

Adults Only (AO) – Suitable for ages 18 and above as it contains more mature themes, graphic/intense violence.

Rating Pending (RP) – Waiting for the rating.


Some of the considered factors for computer games are

Sound is the main factor for every game. It manipulates and keeps us involved in the game. It makes the player too deeply immersed in the game, which may be considered as having both positive and negative impact.

Scoring is used to make the player feel inferior or superior depending upon the ranking system. The usage of scoring is to make the players competitive. Hence, they compare themselves using the score and try to get better.

Fun is the main reason for us to play games. One always starts to play games as casual or to time pass, but the more fun it gets, the more involved we invest in them. The above emotion is what drives the gamers to make them popular

The Positive Impacts

  • Problem solving skills
  • Multitasking
  • Management and planning skills
  • Teamwork
  • Faster decision making
  • Provide physical activities such as VR, mobile games.
  • Depressed mind ,tiredness after games, sleepless,eyes disorders

    Tired and Sluggish after gaming

The Negative impacts

  • Some of the negative impacts of games are

Feels less motivated

Poor mental health

Social Isolation

Distance to Relationship

Long time blue light exposure from Digital screen to eyes leads to many health disorders. Click Here to know more

Poor performance

Exposing themselves to stress, depression

Online games are more addictive too . Click here to know more


The psychological effect of the game always plays a moderate role in the society as well as the individual. Many research concludes that the games have both positive and negative effects in moderation.


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