How to get better sleep?

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Sleep like a baby

Sleeping is not only meant to give rest to body, instead refreshing the mind and inner organs for the next day. The sleeping cycle was changed drastically after the invention of the light in human evaluation. At the stone ages, humans were sleeping in caves once the dark comes. The human brain is activated for better sleep when it is exposed to dark night naturally. Once the light came in our life, the brains are forced to work on evening and mid night times too artificially . Along with that our sleeping pattern also changed a lot.

The importance:

Sleeping becomes optional for some people dur to their life habits, working nature, running towards money etc. But when you are not giving rest to your mind and body, It will be giving serious damages to you. Those problems or disease may be irreversible sometimes.

The benefits of good sleep includes,

  • An energetic day
  • Expanded Creative mind
  • Active and pleasant face
  • Peaceful mind to handle the problems
  • Effective learning process
  • Being productive in work

Circadian rhythm:

It is a biological cyclic process of a day that occur in a time of 24 hours.

circardian rhythm, sleep cycle rhythm

There are 3 important factors to impact the sleep cycle.

  • Light:  Looking into the bright light for 30 minutes can reset your basic circadian rhythm regardless of what time of a day it is.
  • Time: Your daily schedule either planned or unplanned acts and task can affect the sleep & wake cycle
  • Melatonin: This is the main hormone can make you body drowsy and control the body temperature. The production of this hormone is more in dark and less in dawn, this is to keep the sleep wake cycle on track

Lack of sleep:

Most of the people, Neglecting the sleep and doing other works either to study or earn money. They forget that both mind and body must work together for healthier body. In modern life, the average sleep time is reduced to 6 hrs. per day. which is insufficient to our body.

sleep deprivation, sleepless days
Sleep deprivation

As we all know, Lack of sleep leads to lots of mental health problems and further physical illness too.

  • Irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Lethargic body
  • Inability to focus on work
  • Impaired functions of the inner organs too
  • Long term practice leading to stroke, cardiac diseases etc.

Reasons to skip sleep !!! …is it acceptable?

The modern lifestyle changes our habits drastically in both work and home. The late-night shift timings, rotational shifts and night shift works leading to improper sleep cycles. Though these can not be avoided in our wok life, we must try to avoid few things in our personal habits.

Those are,

  • Energy drinks
  • Alcohol (You may feel asleep, since it’s a depressant. But in real, it disturbs the sleep stages)
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Blue light emitting digital devices (TV, Laptop, Smart phones etc.)
  •  Late night recreational activities / parties

How to get quality sleep?

The sleep is also a healthy wealth for a person. Quality sleep is important to have a better mental and physical health.

Try the below ..

The paint of bedroom:

BLUE … The human brain’s ganglion cells are more responsive for the blue color than any other colors. it starts feeling calm and it will help to get better sleep.

Darker room:

The darker the room, brighter the sleep. Switch off even small LED light and close the all possible ways to avoid external lights to have a darker night. The human body was well adapted this, when we lived in caves.

Stay away from Electronic devices:

 Keep TV, smartphones away from the sleeping room. thus, we can reduce the blue light emission and unnecessary radiation from phones. WIFI is also filling our living room with radiations, so when not in use switch off it, particularly at night. The researchers are confirming that the child neuronal activities and development are affected by WIFI radiations.

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Relaxed breathing:

The deep & concentrated breathing with complete inhalation and slow exhalation for 3 minutes (repeat again if needed) will help you to get sleep

deep breathing technique
Deep breathing


Proper ventilation is more important to have a healthier sleep. Avoid sleeping in tightly closed & sealed room for sleeping in Air-conditioned room. Improve the ventilation from outside air too to have a complete oxygen flow.

Be Thankful

Always sleep is having deep connection with mind and peace. So think once again about the good things & persons you have and be thankful for them. Instead of worrying about the things you don’t have in life.

Teach your kids to be happy with what they have, instead of making them rich by money

Prepare your mind & Body:

Eat your dinner at least before 2 hours of sleep. Avoid watching blue light screens (TV, Smart phones etc.) at least before an hour of sleep. Listen a light music which you like, It can relax your body and mind both at a time.

Plan your next day:

Yes, A well planned day schedules from waking time, make that day stress free, organized, avoid unnecessary tensions in both personal & official works. Hence, at the end of the day, you may feel the same relaxed


summary od sleep

When you start compromising your sleep for the economic growth, soon you will spend your whole wealth to get back the lost health. Keep in mind that the health problems related to sleep deprivations are not completely reversible all time .so spend the time wisely to earn, to grow, to relax and to sleep also.

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