Healthy effects of Nitric acid

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Most of us heard the word Nitric acid in textbooks from school or college days. Apart from that, we might not know the real health benefits to the human body from this element. In our fast-growing modern lifestyle, we are encountering lots of chronic medical conditions affecting our major organs such as the heart, lungs, and blood.

 Individuals age more than 40 are commonly diagnosed for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiac disorders like blocks. Upon physician consultation, The medicines are prescribed to limit the disease. Most of the time the medicines are not curing the diseases completely, particularly when it comes to chronic diseases.

However, the natural and effective way to reduce the disease is to understand the root cause of those diseases.

The mechanism:

Usually, a person may think that the cardiac block occurs because of the unnecessary accumulation of lipids on cardiac blood vessels. Though it’s almost acceptable, the real root cause is damaged and non-flexible blood vessels. This happens due to a lack of Nitric acid in the body.

The health duties of Nitric acid:

This NO is a gas manufactured within our body and also from foods in the form the nitrites or nitrates. The good bacteria in the mouth convert this nitrates into nitrites. Then, in the stomach, the nitrites convert into Nitric oxide gas to proceed with the health duties

The real duties are below,

On Blood Vessel :

Nitric acid gives flexibility to the blood vessel and helps in proper dilatation when the body needs in both physical and psychological situations.the vaso-dilation effect is very important to prevent hypertension.

On Lungs:

we are inhaling required amount of oxygen, Nitric oxide is mandatory to dilate the pulmonary (Lung) capillaries (tiny blood vessels) to absorb more oxygen into the blood.Acute & chronic lung diseases, the Nitric oxides is a potential element in treatment.

On Heart :

vaso ( Blood vessel ) dilatation effect helps a lot in the reduction of ischemic and angina type of pain in the heart. Nitric oxide mainly reduces the workload of heart muscle while pumping blood to vessels during ischemic heart diseases.

This process will never affect/ decrease the volume of blood flow.

Blood vessels plaque :

Block of vessels mainly understood by the presence of lipid cell accumulation unnecessarily. But the truth is that the lack of NO in the smooth muscle of blood pipes results in wall damage. These damages are slowly treated and filled by the lipid molecules. Once the lipids are gathering, the block becomes huge and blocking the blood flow.the root cause is again the Nitric acid.

On Cholesterol mechanism :

the person is obese or lean the high cholesterol is unavoidable in modern lifestyle & improper junk food habits. The LDL (Low-Density Lipo-protein) oxidation process is slow down by NO. Thus stopping the major element of the blood vessel plaque formation.

On Diabetes :

Type I and Type II Diabetes majorly affects the smooth muscle and endothelial functions. The proper production of Nitric oxide in smooth muscle can make healthier cells and avoids swelling. Limb amputations from diabetes are the result of the improper mechanism of Nitric oxide in cells. In diabetic patients, insulin sensitivity will be remarkably less due to Less NO in the body.

On Blood clot mechanism :

More NO results in less sticky platelets. However this process is not healthy, In some typical patients, the non-sticky platelets are very important to avoid an internal blood clot.

On Muscles:

To have a healthier muscle, the nutrients must reach fully to all muscle fibers. The dilated vasculature brings maximum nutrients & minerals for better performance and heavy exercises. That’s why the Nitric oxide is more common in athlete and gym personalities

On Brain:

Nitric oxide is a major mediator in cells to maintain a memory. The high or low dose may affect the memory and other brain duties. Dementia can be prevented by the proper level of Nitric oxide element.

Natural Foods:

The following foods are having a sufficient level of Nitric oxide for our daily healthy life.

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • mustard greens
  • raw cauliflower
  • parsley
  • carrot
  • broccoli
  • strawberry
  • potato
  • garlic
  • tomato
  • melon
  • figs
  • prunes
  • raspberries
  • raisins
  • High anti-oxidant foods (Cocoa above 65 %)
  • Vitamin C fruits ( Lemon, Tomato, Orange etc)


Though the Nitric oxide is unfamiliar among us, the deficiency leads to major diseases which we know in common. Hence understand the need for this great element and have a portion of healthy food and lifestyle.

Since smoking reduces the accumulation of Nitric oxide in lung capillaries, avoid smoking to allow our lungs to absorb more oxygen with dilated blood vessels.

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