Effects of Cosmetics on skin and Immunity.

Beauty cosmetics harms on skin, skin rashes

The largest organ in the human body is skin. It blankets all other internal organs from any outside threats, from both natural and artificial threats. A few decades ago, we were not using much cosmetics on skin unnecessarily except for some medical conditions. But nowadays almost all of us applying some beauty creams, protective creams, etc.

Are cosmetics giving permanent beauty ?

The Skin has a lot of natural abilities itself. Now we are disturbing & sometimes stopping the defense mechanism annoyingly. Below are some ways.

Beauty creams:

It includes whitening cream, gels, snow, etc.

I agree that beauty also important in our trendy culture. But we must not be a prey for the market’s advertisements and their business. A few decades ago there were very few creams available.

But nowadays there are night cream, day cream, dry skin cream, acne skin cream, etc. whitening creams are the biggest market.the chemicals have been applied for the temporary beauty of our face. Is it good for our health?

Lip & Eye Cosmetics have more content of Lead and animal fats . These can be easily ingested to body unnecessarily

Moisturizers :

The skin itself has its moisturizing ability. If you feel ,it’s dry always, Meet the dermatologist and follow the instructions. Do not start applying on your own. Sometimes you don’t need to use moisturizer permanently & all the time. We can go the natural way by changing food habits ,which are highly hydrating our skin.

Injections :

Injections to enhance beauty or skin tone. There are a lot of injections like Botox are available in the market. We need to understand that the skin is a gift from our parents. The skin color, tone, etc cannot be easily modified as your wish.

Hair removals :

Body hair, skin hair laser removal , body temperature and skin , hair follicles maintaining body temperature.cosmetics on skin
Body Hair

In the human body, there is no part is given to you unnecessarily by nature. The hairs in each part of the body have different purposes. Hair can be trimmed to avoid ugly look but not to remove permanently or for a longer period by the laser techniques and harmful chemicals.


New evolving technique is wiping with beauty, antiseptics & chemical wipes on skin. Our skin does have the strength to fight against any natural infective threats. We can easily avoid and replace them with natural elements or cotton towels.

Face wash liquids:

Think once, When will your skin will be free of any cosmetics! Not even at the time of washing the face. That too have a chemical liquid. The warm or cold water is more than enough to enhance moisture and clean the skin.

Meet the specialist

I too agree that we need some protection for the skin for the outside harmful environment such as polluted air in the city, long time sunlight exposure, insects around, etc. 

However, without any medical necessity, do not apply anything over the skin. When you try to change the nature unnecessarily, the consequences will be stronger and dangerous. Meet the dermatologist for your any skin problems, follow the treatment advised. You can try natural remedies also without any or fewer side effects.

Are We damaging the great wall of body ?

  When applying the creams ,

  • Sweat glands are not allowed to eliminate the waste from skin. This will lead to new skin diseases, Pimples, rashes etc.
  • Hairs are playing vital role in maintaining the body temperature. It will be disturbed and affect inner organs also.
  • The beauty products for eyes, eye brows are too much dangerous to eyes.
  • The sunlight is very important to produce Vitamin D for our body. This process will be disturbed by this make up creams.
  • The fragrance of the cream itself has lots of harmful chemicals

How to Avoid cosmetics :

  • Ingredients of the cream is very mandatory to check before buying
  • Track for Natural ingredients mostly
  • Understand the fact & consequences  behind all beauty products sale

Time to replace

Use the natural resources like ,

  • Aloe Vera gel / extract for moisturizing
  • Honey mask to brighten skin
  • Coffee & Sugar scrub to clean skin
  • Turmeric powder paste to remove infections
  • Tomato paste for brighter skin
  • Cucumber to moisturise
  • Olive Oil to glow and fill the dry skin
  • Coconut oil to add more nutrients
  • Lemon Extract on skin to fight the bacteria
  • Potato Extract for the bleaching effect

Hand Hygiene system :

The natural hygiene and immunity of skin will be damaged by the harmful chemicals. Hence the simple organism itself can lead to serious disease to our body. Hand hygiene is very much important to avoid communicable disease.

The proper hand wash techniques must be exercised to save our lives nowadays.

Hand wash technique

Conclusion :

Conclusion summary

Though following a natural way of beauty techniques are slow and time consuming for preparation, those are not harmful. So be patient, live naturally .

Always keep in my mind ,

The Beauty is not in your skin , It’s in your eyes , when you show kindness & smile on your face to spread happiness .

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