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Our Lifestyle has been changed from past few decades.It includes food habits,daily routine activities,social & economical activities . Though these changes are essential to grow along with the world, Few negative impacts also there to discuss.

The next generation must understand these deviated lifestyle. we need to implement the necessary actions to save healthier life.

Importance of AC Cleaning

For good health, there’s nothing more important than eating healthy food, drinking water and breathing pure air. In order to breathe non-contaminated air, cleaning the air conditioner is very important. The filters, coils, and fins of AC require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively. We use AC mostly during summer as the weather […]

How to overcome COVID-19 pandemic crisis ?

Even Though The COVID-19 infection is affecting our lifestyle badly, We all can overcome this pandemic and progress to success in all ways .

The Healthy Dark Chocolate

The Dark means to locate the term less sugar. The dark chocolate have above 70 % of cocoa. The pack contains plenty of antioxidants & minerals.

Is sitting for long time also a disease

The unknown and underrated  Silent killer is  Sitting disease.It is equally considered to addictions such as smoking and alcoholism.

A life without a Smartphone

There were days when we slept while listening to short fantasy stories. Sometimes a tale book on hand and covered our face while falling asleep. It was keeping our brain running in an extreme wild level of imagination and full of peace. Just think once, How are we doing nowadays.? Blinking on smartphone screens all […]

Are social media become unsocial ?

Is Social media creating unsocial society? In the world, All the things are having both negative and positive sides. However, the option to choose the good one is in our hands.Hence, Social media also have the same. In older days, communication was having less options such as telegram, letters thru post office, calls thru telephone […]

How online purchasing affect lifestyle?

It’s a great evaluation in history of currency. Whereas the people carried bunch of currencies in pocket a decade ago, now we have only few plastic cards. They changed the way of living style and safety also

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