Are social media become unsocial ?

Is Social media creating unsocial society?

In the world, All the things are having both negative and positive sides. However, the option to choose the good one is in our hands.Hence, Social media also have the same.

In older days, communication was having less options such as telegram, letters thru post office, calls thru telephone exchanges. However, the people were socially active and healthy in mingling with neighbors and relatives.

The power of social media:

 The evolution of social media and their applications had begun at the end of 19 th century. It results in fastest communications and narrow the world into a small. Anyone can virtually see and communicate easily and safely too


Tastiest fruits of social media:

1. Relationships across Continents:

Social media relationships , distant relations hip in social media, facebook
Multi national friends

  In older days, the friends of a person may be the person who is living next to his home or who studied with him/her or friend of another friend. But nowadays we can get friends all over the world regardless of nationality. we can reach and build relationship with same interest and characters like us. We can follow them and be a friend, introduce/ suggest to one of our friends also.

By this, we are making this gigantic planet into small home for us.

The people living in abroad for studies or jobs able to live together with their families by the help virtual social media applications (sharing daily photos, videos, locations etc.)

   2. Expanding the knowledge:

Wider knowledge of world, on social media information.facebook, watsapp,instagram
Wider Knowledge

In a Single device called Smart phone, we are able to know about all daily news all over the world, technology updates in all industries which we are following in social media.

Rather than books, social media brings the new updates first to our hands.

    3. Social media marketing:

social media marketing techniques, google advertisements , Online advertisements
Social media marketing for products

The older marketing strategy was replaced massively by social media marketing tricks and applications. Very lower amount of investment is enough to market any good products via social media rather than advertising in roads, Television etc.

Evidence based sharing of an advertised product is possible in this evolved marketing strategy.

Bitter truths :

1.    Becoming Unsocial:

negative effects of social media

The major negative effect is that the people become a self-isolated animal by the smart social medias.

  • Wasting too much time by viewing, sharing posts etc.
  • In extreme level, people are not talking to family members directly, though they have family pictures in social medias which was praised and mostly liked for togetherness.
  • Losing self-control by copying some new characters from new persons frequently
  • 1000 friends in social media, unfortunately, less than 3 real friends in real life, who will care really when needed.

2.    Wrong / Misused relationships

social media wrong relationships
Relationship issues in social media

People are undergoing depression and anxiety by cyber bullying, hacking scams, cheating, drug abuse and even death sometimes.

Nowadays, children are more prone to mingle with strangers in online. The strangers are asking their parents Bank card details to loot the money.

3.    Addictive in nature:

addictive sosial media
Social media addiction

The use of these modern applications is becoming addictive because of long term usage. Addicted persons are always clicking Likes, commenting and tweeting the contents and ending their valuable time in vain. They cannot leave the phone not even an hour.

4.    Sleep deprivation

using mobile phones in social media , not sleeping
Sleepless nights with smartphones

In older days, people woke up and started their morning duties duly. And also, before sleeping, they read books, shared good stories to children, etc.

Nowadays, waking up and sleeping with smart phones in front of social media applications.

The quality of sleep becoming less due to late-night posts and shares. Though they need to wake up early for their work or school in the morning.

Deprived sleep pattern leads to less or no concentration in both studies and work. this again results in various problems.

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5.    Financial effects

Buying unnecessary things from online media also increases expenditure and leading to worst financial states. The sellers use social media to advertise their products and services. when we are attracted towards the ads, we might spend frequently and buying unnecessary or rarely needed items in our home 

6.    Social Isolation:

depressed , isolated dueo to  unsocial behaviour

These online applications & media offers you grounds to form friends irrespective of their location, therefore it makes you to own lots or thousands of friends and followers. This reduces your physical interaction with the individuals next to you. As a result of you are nearly connected to distant friends not a real-life friend. When this continues, the person may be isolated from his circle.

These platforms are jam-packed with totally different people that have different views. Positive comments you get on your posts may cause you to feel nice. However negative comments could additionally haunt you. Once you browse a post that’s encouraging, it builds on your psychological state. However, reading a post stuffed with unhealthy things may additionally leave you feeling stressed.


conclusion summary

Despite all the mentioned effects of social media, we are able to choose the right one. All we need is to understand that how to use them in an exceedingly health way. There are many ways to come out of this addiction.

Use social media in a proper way that to educate us, to understand the world, aware of new arrivals in all fields. Make a real relationship in real life to have healthier social life.

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