Are online games addictive in nature?

Video games

A new danger to healthy lifestyle!!!

Online Computer games are the most fashionable entertainment in the current trendy society. they target a range of individuals in several ages. The addiction to the competition & excitement of the games make an individual to do anything or to achieve a better level of the game. they immerse within the game mostly. Thus, they utterly move away from their surroundings.

The players are anxious when they fail to achieve the next higher level in the game. The games are easily accessible to anyone’s hand mostly through smartphones, laptops, computers, game console devices like X box, play station, etc

The effects on health

Playing computer games to some extent are often helpful as an entertainment. However, long-term use leads to addiction and various health issues.


  •  Long term tension.
  •  Restlessness.
  •  Worrisome and during the sport.
  •  Physical tensions to body & eyes.

 You have to identify if you or somebody you recognize / know is passionate about video games.  There are many signs that may clue you in.

 if somebody have a problem: he / She

Spends plenty of time in online  games.

Earlier the player might have started these games just for an hour, slowly he starts to spend his every minute of free time in a day . Later he will plan a day to play not for study or work efficiently.

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Neglects faculty or work.

This one is too obvious. If the person calls in sick or stays home from faculty to play a game. then there’s a drag. Having a off day from work isn’t a big issue, however skipping either work or faculty are often an unfair issue, if it’s for a computer game.

Ignores family.

Selecting a computer game over family is usually unhealthy, and a certain sign of addiction. If youngsters are neglected, or a better half feels alone, then there’s a drag. Video games are never be a necessary than our priceless family time.

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Lets their personal look ruin

Since the person is mostly taking part in video games, personal hygiene won’t be a necessary factor.

Health problems begin to return up.

As the person stays awake all night & taking part in video games,he will have mood swings,tired and weak etc., that would be a proof of computer game addiction. someone will even get irreversible disease, if they continue for long term.

Spends cash on video games before the requirements.

In the chronic stage, the addicted person will start spending his own money for the recent / newly updated pro version of games, rather than the real-life needs. However he / she will get more excitements , soon all will be in loss.

How to Overcome the computer game addiction?

Fixing an addiction to video games is like all other addictions in world such as Alcohol, smoking, drugs etc . They are often a troublesome method to apply in life.

The below tips are often accustomed to curb a computer game addiction.

Don’t stop cold turkey.

Video games, in contrast to another addictions, will fill during a heap of your time. Stopping altogether could leave a large gap in your life. So Start scheduling your time and play accordingly.Better to reduce the playing duration gradually.

Play sparsely.

Set a particular time & hours (or minutes) to play video games per day. Set a stopping time on your phone. Once that timer burst, you stop taking part in.Keeping an awareness is better.

Eliminate the number of play systems you own

 Use one play station, leave or remove the other gaming accessories or stations, to limit the time spending in it. particularly, Avoiding hand held smaller gaming devices are easier to reach & play. Hence avoid them for better results.

Take a break

 For every hour of play, stand up, walk around, etc. to relax. It’s unhealthy to sit long time In-front of a digital screen for hours .Eye execercises must be practiced to reduce dryness.

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• Limit the quantity of cash you pay on video games.

 Limit or stop buying new games by analyzing monthly household expenses.Instead of spending on these, buy good and useful items for you and your loved ones. Be happy and make others also happy.

Opt for games with physical activity. 

However some video games are engaged with more physical movements , At last all are virtual.The real games with friends and neighbors will give real excitement and exercises to your body . Engaging with other activities like gardening, home decorating , clay molding , art drawings etc make you relax .

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Seek help of psychiatrist 

 There might be underlying problems ,why somebody is passionate about video games. Seeking a psychological professional isn’t a wrong issue and is nothing to be embarrassed of.

Have alternative hobbies.

Begin a group of some individuals, do some husbandry, etc. stay your hands and mind busy . By these ,you’ll be able to additionally engage with your friends and family.

Review your life.

Cross-check your life before and after the game addiction. What might be better?   perhaps you lost a child’s event in school. Take those wrongs and check out to form them right.



However, human’s nature is doing mistakes, we can correct them. Get rehabilitation from the addictive online games which are endangering physical, mental and social health of a human being. Get in to the social life. Have a healthier life and live better.

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