A life without a Smartphone

There were days when we slept while listening to short fantasy stories. Sometimes a tale book on hand and covered our face while falling asleep. It was keeping our brain running in an extreme wild level of imagination and full of peace. Just think once, How are we doing nowadays.?

Blinking on smartphone screens all day and night, exposing to pop up notifications almost all the time.

How it would be?

A single day without our smartphone is not so terrible. Though you would not able to receive social media notifications, we shall get a deep worthful conversation with our family and friends. The annoying random notifications will never disturb our quality time with our loved ones,

Smartphone in hand, addicted mobile , like and comments in social media , social media addiction

A smartphone become the first PRIORITY, second BRAIN & third handheld EYE to view this technologically addicted world

Productive Day

A productive day can be achieved once we are keeping us away from unnecessary distractions from phones and random message notifications. A decade ago, I feel the mobile phone messages and calls were very limited from our loved ones, friends, family relationships, etc. But nowadays, a message or a call may be from anyone for random advertisements & unwanted social media marketing targeted notifications. However these are not liked by us, we are forced to spend our quality time to view these .these are unavoidable while using social media account in smartphone. thus we are becoming prey for their ads.

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Studies say that ‘ For the brain, A distracted minute needs a minimum of 3 minutes to return to the concentrated productive work “

Connect to people

Raise your head to see people around you, instead of facing down to see your smartphone. It will show you massive changes in your personal and social well being . talking to the people will help you to reduce your stress instead of keeping a status in social media profile. A strong relationship bond can be developed by deep direct conversations, not by LIKE & COMMENTS.

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Enjoy the Loneliness

Sometimes, Our own lonely time can be used effectively by rethinking our own physical, psychological conditions. A shallow talk to our conscience will improve our life’s quality, accepting own mistakes, planning actions towards a successful life.

travel alone, inner peace, enjoy loneliness , regeneration of mind , rethinking life

    we keep a smartphone in our hand, it will steal this precious time from us. By a single Pop up notification, e the whole t world will enter into your own private time.

More time to spend

keeping a smartphone away, you can feel that you have more time to do lots of things. Includes gardening, pet care, home care activities, etc.

You can find your passion easily at this time and start progressing towards it. It may be writing, child care, drawing, teaching, telling your great experience to youngsters, travel, photography, etc.. These will give you immense pleasure to your mind than your smartphone addiction.

How to start?

Yes , Now its time to implement . Hope everyone have a question on their mind that how to start  and continue the same. Below are some ideas to modify our lifestyle in both personally and socially .

Personal changes

  • Use the screen time monitoring app to notice the time you spend on smartphone screen.Thus you will be aware when it is crossing more time .
  • Keep in silent mode or switch off when you are with your family and kids. Because kids follow your activities and they want to spend time with you rather than your savings .
  • To avoid unnecessary notifications or ads , turf off the notifications settings option for social media apps. Thus you can see them when you want instead of all time pop ups.
  • Plan at least one day  off  from  smart phones initially in a month  &  then weekly as a progression

Social Changes

  • Make a group of friends from your street, family, friends around your living places . plan your daily ( or weekly )meeting times, get together fun activities, outdoor trips at least once in a week.
  • try to avoid phones in these direct meeting times ‘
  • Help each other and share knowledge & experiences in a physically gathered group instead of online debate and arguments.
  • When you show the relationship value by your activities, the next generation kids will also notice and understand .thus a great society can be created

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The whole world is in our hands by our smart phones. We need to use our smart devices smartly or else the smart devices will use us very smartly. thus it may pull us towards mechanical life. Nowadays social media are widely used for its marketing purpose. Don’t be a prey for their hunger. we have lots of living creatures around us to show our love and care, not to limit this with smart devices only.

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